Research scientist with background in theoretical physics, computer science and geoscience. My expertise extends to finding solutions for ill-posed problems, designing computationally efficient numerical algorithms, and building cloud-based data streaming and processing services.

Professional experience

Universal Seismic Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Since 10/2018

  • Led the team delivering high-tech data processing and analytics services to all major oil and gas operators in the US.
  • Enhanced client satisfaction through extensive communication and engagement with clients.
  • Conducted multiple R&D projects aimed at optimizing oil and gas completion and production.
  • Led the development of infrastructure to stream and perform real-time processing of large volumes of seismic data.
  • Designed and implemented a complete suite of algorithms for microseismic processing of fiber optic DAS data.

Consulting Geoscientist (Berlin, Germany)

11/2014 — 19/2018

  • Designed novel algorithms to solve various geophysical problems and building tools for enhanced characterization of unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.
  • Developed an efficient algorithm of 3D fully anisotropic raytracing to facilitate anisotropic velocity model inversion and location of microseismic events in anisotropic media.
  • Invented a new approach for microseismic Moment Tensor Inversion and brought it to the market as a SAAS product.
  • Built a cloud based infrastructure capable of performing large scale real time microseismic data processing.
  • Co-founded a service company that provided data processing and data analytics services to the Oil&Gas operators in the US.
  • Performed microseismic reflection imaging and moment tensor inversion work for various O&G operators in the US.

Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Postdoctoral research associate, 10/2013 — 05/2017

  • Conducted research and developed innovative methods for better understanding the physics of fluid-induced seismicity.
  • Supervised and mentored bachelor and master students.
  • Performed consulting services for the industrial sponsors of PHASE university consortium.
  • Developed a new approach to represent microseismic waveform data and assess quality of the arrival time pick and microseismic event locations.

Research assistant, 09/2007 — 10/2013

  • Invented a novel approach for using microseismic data to achieve enhanced characterization of unconventional reservoirs. The method employs microseismic events as sources, coupled with a custom imaging operator, to facilitate ultra-high resolution reflection imaging of stimulated reservoirs (PhD thesis).
  • Performed microseismic reflection imaging of Basel geothermal reservoir to help to minimize risk of large earthquakes in geothermal reservoir development (MeProRisk project).
  • Built a reflection image of San Andreas fault zone (SAFOD), contributed to better understanding of the fault zone geometry and tectonic processes (BU1364/4-1 of the German Science Foundation and ICDP-SPP).

Redsky ltd (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Co-Founder, 06/2004–09/2007

  • Co-founded a web design and IT-consulting firm.
  • Creative work including logo and web design.
  • Front-end developement.

Geovers, Ltd. (Moscow/St. Petersburg, Russia)

Team leader, 02/2005–09/2007

  • Organized and managed a subsidiary of the employer's company in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Designed and developed commercial software for seismic data processing and interpretation, which includes a 2D inverse kinematic problem solver, 2D and 3D pre-stack depth migration, and ray tracing for VTI anisotropic mediums.

Software Engineer, Feb 2001–Feb 2005

Developed set of algorithms for nonlinear inverse problems and numerical simulation of elastic wave propagation in media with curved interfaces.


2008–2013PhD degree, Free University of Berlin, Department of Geophysics
2003–2006Master's degree in Physics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Computational Physics
1999–2003Bachelor's degree in Physics, Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Physics

Personal Skills and Competences

Personal skills
  • Team management
  • Public speaking
  • Scientific writing
Technical skills
  • Computational theory and practice, numerical methods for ill-posed and large-scale problems
  • C++, C, Python, Fortran, Pascal
  • Parallel programming
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Signal processing